Stay on Top of Your Fire Safety Plan Every Year

Stay on Top of Your Fire Safety Plan Every Year

Annual fire extinguisher inspections in Garland Maine and the Downeast Area

The National Fire Protection Association requires annual inspections for fire extinguishers. Is yours up to code? Morris Fire Protection can help you find out. We offer a program to handle fire extinguisher inspections, as well as a maintenance program to keep your extinguisher compliant every year. We’ll handle emergency light and exit light testing in our annual inspections, too, and your company can request monthly inspections if you feel you need more.

3 things we’ll check on your fire extinguisher

The NFPA requires your interior and exterior fire extinguishers to stay up to code every year. Here are three things we’ll look for when we inspect yours:

  1. Where they are mounted. Your fire extinguishers need to be in visible and easily accessible locations.
  2. How clear the labels are. You need to be able to read the instructions for use.
  3. How clean they are. Your exterior fire extinguishers can’t be rusty or corroded.

If yours aren’t up to code, don’t worry! The safety pros at Morris Fire Protection in Garland Maine and the Downeast area will replace your extinguishers for you and work with you to maintain your new ones.

Reach out to us today to learn more.