About Morris Fire Protection

For nearly a quarter of a century, Paul Morris, the founder of Morris Fire Protection, worked with the wonderful people of the state of Maine and the "Downeast" area. Paul worked hard to forge lasting business relationships, built on the premise that the customer is the most important asset we have. He felt that it was important to provide a good product, for a fair price, in a timely fashion. Good customer service is the key to success. This continues to guide us to this day.

In 2012, a new owner was selected by Paul and Nancy Morris, and was trained by Paul to make sure that his replacement was going to be a good fit for his clientele. In 2013, Chris Webber, a Maine native of Dexter, took over daily operations. In a matter of months, Paul stepped aside as president, and Chris assumed his role as president of Morris Fire.

As longtime members of NFPA and NAFED, it is our goal to provide excellent service, excellent products, and to adhere to the code of ethics recognized by both of these reputable organizations. We will continue to provide the same service you've come to expect from Morris Fire.

Morris Fire Protection is the place to get fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, and accessories, with service even after the sale. Our goal is to provide for you what Paul always did: quality, dependable, timely service with a smile.